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How can rich media help brands and marketplaces improve the customer’s shopping experience, reduce the number of returns and stand out from competitors? Key questions we are answering today

In 24TTL we are specialists in rich content and online merchandising, that’s why we like to talk a lot about the importance of rich content and why brands should use it to get better results. We’ll go through the basics all the way to numbers and how brands have implemented it in different yet efficient ways.

What is rich media

To begin with, rich content (also known as “enhanced content” or “A+ content” if you’re on Amazon) is any form of digital content that includes interactive elements such as video, audio and others that are designed to encourage user interaction.

Rich media enables sellers to create sophisticated content that can trigger user response with ease, and it offers infinite possibilities for brands to present their products in an impactful way. Just look at the statistics: according to TrueCommerce, brands can see an increased conversion rate of up to 20% with enhanced media, while Amazon indicates that enhanced marketing content can result in a 3–10% increase in sales.

How brands work with enhanced content


They try to get as much information as possible in one place, avoiding any extra decision making in the process. Rich content allows them to learn all the details about a product through images, videos, as well as customer and Influencer reviews. Mind you, today reviews can play a more important role in a customer’s decision than enhanced content or a product description.

It also allows the user to pay attention to details and characteristics they otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, like how to connect or take care of a product, which allows them to make more informed decisions.


The pros are evident: rich media reduces returns, because the consumer knows exactly what to expect when the product arrives. Instead of finding out that a TV’s HDMI port is on the back wall in an inaccessible place once at home, with a 360⁰ review they can see such nuances in advance, increasing the possibility of a satisfactory purchase by 47% according to TrueCommerce. Hansa, a brand that specializes in household appliances, has seen a conversion rate increase of 34% after introducing rich-content featured brand zones in marketplaces.

Videos are also a great rich content tool to increase sales — according to Animoto, 73% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video for pretty much the same reasons.

Don’t forget about AR — even though it is still extravagant for many, brands like LG have seen an average 26% increase in engagement after implementing it, proving how important clear, detailed and innovative core content can be.


Rich media’s attractive, entertaining and informative descriptions makes users engage more with products or brands. To take advantage of this, retailers must give brands the chance to create their own “displays” or brand zones.

Dyson’s brand zone in MediaMarkt Spain is a good example of what can be done to create a more unique, tailored experience, allowing users to see the different functionalities of its products in detail. And to gain maximum customer trust, the brand has clipped some videos of its founder showcasing the product, explaining its advantages and Dyson’s philosophy.

What formats of content will be popular in the coming years?

Definitely immersiveness and the ability to interact with a product before you buy it. This trend will evolve through augmented reality, meaning you can simulate how “x” or “y” product looks inside a room.

Another area where AR is getting a lot of investment right now is clothing fitting. Until recently it required markers, tags, and complicated suits, but today some tools can even recognize a person’s characteristics like height.

Classic content in the form of reviews is also back because of the demand for social and KOL affirmation to be included in product cards, meaning reviews and videos from people (and influencers) who have used the product already.

To see the full potential of enhanced content, we encourage you to have a look at our 24STREAM tool, an enhanced content syndication software that keeps all of your product’s rich content in one place. Learn more about it here.

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