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Discover how Hansa, the European manufacturer, increased conversion rates by 32% thanks to an enriched shopping experience

Because the brand operates in an incredibly competitive market, its team is always looking for new ways to communicate with their customers. That’s why one of the main objectives for Hansa was to help users learn more about their products via brand promotion which, in turn, was meant to increase the conversion rate and strengthen the brand’s position in the Eastern European market.

About Hansa

Hansa is a 70 year old European brand, part of Amica group, the leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances in Eastern Europe, and it specializes in household appliances such as ovens, stoves, hoods, refrigerators and more.

What is rich media and why was it so important for Hansa?

In simple terms, because the quality and completeness of a picture can determine a consumer’s choice. An enhanced shopping experience, beautiful branded design and a detailed description of the product’s benefits are better than static half-empty cards. When shopping online, customers can’t touch, smell or feel the product, so they end up buying a picture with a description and not the product itself.

Want to learn more? Download the full case study here.

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